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In addition to working with the top brands in the industry to meet the needs of its clients with the very best options in equipment and gear, Challenge Access is also excited to introduce the CIDJAY harness – specifically designed for use in aerial adventure parks, zip lines, and via ferrata.


The CIDJAY harness -

  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Extra comfort waist belt and leg loops with comfort folds on leg and shoulder straps
  • Elastic thigh straps
  • Reinforced front bridge tie-in
  • Life-rated safety loop for additional rear attachment point
  • Optional cell phone pocket
  • Modern look

Available in two adult sizes (color stitching designates sizes - Size 1 for 5' to 5'10" and Size 2 for 5'8" to 6'8") and one child’s size
(max 40 kg / 88 lbs).

The CIDJAY harness – designed by Challenge Access, manufactured by CILAO.

A Partnership of Uncompromising Quality

Based at the foot of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France, CILAO has been a trusted manufacturer of technical mountain sport equipment and climbing gear for the past 15 years. They deliver the highest quality at the most competitive prices in the market. They were the obvious partner to help to bring the CIDJAY harness to the market.


CIDJAY Harness (front)

CIDJAY Harness (front)

CIDJAY Harness (back)

CIDJAY Harness (back)

CIDJAY kid (front)

CIDJAY kid (front)

CIDJAY Kid (back)

CIDJAY Kid (back)

CIDJAY phone pocket
CIDJAY phone pocket 2
CIDJAY harness3
CIDJAY harness 4
CIDJAY Harness 5
CIDJAY kid 2
  • "Fully adjustable harness, specifically designed for aerial adventure parks and zip lines.
  • Features extra comfort waist belt and leg loops with comfort folds on leg and shoulder straps, elastic thigh straps, reinforced front bridge tie-in, life-rated safety loop for additional rear attachment point, and optional cell phone pocket.
  • Color stitching designates sizes - Size 1 for 5' to 5'10" and Size 2 for 5'8" to 6'8".


  • CIDJAY Adult Harness Retail Price $ 159.00
  • CIDJAY Kid Harness Retail Price $ 99.00
  • The CIDJAY Adult harness is also available in a Light Version (without padding)
    CIDJAY Adult Light Harness Retail Price $ 110.00

Utility and Rescue Bags

UTiL 45

Retail price $ 149.00

  • Backpacks for construction crews, rescue kits and maintenance. Designed for construction engineers and operators of rope courses/aerial adventure parks. A narrow base and very wide opening at the top makes it easy to access the equipment inside.
  • Convenient design, with waterproof outer layer, handles on the top and side tested to 660 lbs, this sturdy backpack is ideal for carrying equipment and tools. Foam padding shoulder straps provide great comfort.

UTiL 25

Retail price $ 129.00

With all the same advantages of the UTiL 45, the 20L model was designed and produced in collaboration with AFFORPAH, the French organisation dedicated to safety training for rope course workers. Its volume is optimal to contain needed equipment for evacuation (20m of ropes, carabiners, straps, descenders, etc.).

Cleaning Products

clean 2


16 oz. Spray Bottle
Retail Price $18.00

A blend of clove, lemon, and cinnamon essential oils for daily cleaning and disinfecting of aerial adventure gear.

After requests from several clients for a solution to get rid of the smell in harness storage areas, Challenge Access approached a manufacturer to develop a product that would not pose any risk to the integrity of the harness material while at the same time solving the odor problem. FRESH CHALLENGE is a simple, pure cleaning formula to keep your gear safe and fragrant for daily use. A combination of essential oils including clove, lemon, and cinnamon makes FRESH CHALLENGE Gear Spray not only an effective cleaner but also an ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI-FUNGAL, and ANTIMICROBIAL agent. The addition of eucalyptus leaf oil also adds BUG REPELLENT properties to the spray. FRESH CHALLENGE Gear Spray is all-natural, plant-based, environmentally friendly, and safe to use every day on all of your gear.

Also available upon request in a more concentrated formula for annual deep cleaning of harnesses in washing machine or barrel.