Check Out Some of Our Aerial Adventure Project Designs


Aerial Adventure Parks are designed with a series of creative obstacles with multiple levels of difficulty making it accessible for children and adults. There is an expansive range of course elements to traverse from suspension bridges, log balances, tight ropes, zip lines and cargo nets to name just a few. Course elements can be designed on multi level towers, on poles, or throughout trees, and are built at varying heights from ground level to 90 feet. These obstacles are great for team building events or for personal development. Guest safety equipment is required with ‘safety at height’ trained staff.


Tree Houses are designed for all ages to enjoy … A great addition to any park looking to entertain and include everyone that visits their site. Structurally supported via trees or poles, Tree Houses can be laid out within a network of netted bridges that playfully lead guests throughout the course. Both indoor and outdoor sets ups with natural wood or colorful facades. Tree Houses are easily integrated into existing sites with the ability to add features as the site grows. No guest equipment required with minimal staff to operate.


Adventure Nets are the newest and most unique addition to the adventure park world which entertains the young and old. Used both indoors and outdoors, Adventure Nets are suspended off poles or trees, and are laid out at varying sizes either in white or with different colors. Custom designs allow for one net to multiple nets placed in a row via net tunnels and / or net slide connectors creating a fun network of bouncy nets to explore. A stand alone feature or add it into a Tree House or Aerial Adventure Park. No guest equipment required with minimal staff to operate.


An exciting gravity fueled adventure that allows guests to soar through the air. Designed with site needs in mind, zip lines can be long or short, fast or slow with a single line or multiple line set up. Zip lines can be one single feature or laid out in a series of zips (a CANOPY TOUR) for a course around a forest or down the side of a mountain. Zip lines are often a stand alone feature or found as an element throughout aerial adventure parks.

Engineered Suspension Bridges and Via Ferrata

Engineered Suspension Bridges and Via Ferrata allow portions of site plans that seem inaccessible to be incorporated into the challenge course design. Engineered Suspension Bridges remove access restrictions by allowing vehicle and foot traffic in areas where that would not otherwise be possible for example over rivers or across ravines. They can also provide ADA access in park layouts. Via Ferrata permit vertical surfaces like rock faces, walls, and other man-made obstacles to be part of the adventure experience provided to guest be creating trails up, over, and across these areas.