With each of our installations, we offer a free inspection after a few months of operation to ensure that all is working well and, especially, that the highest level of safety is being maintained. Very often tune-up maintenance is needed at this point as settling has occurred. As a result, this maintenance is included in the cost of each project that we do.

Challenge Access also offers a service plan for annual maintenance. This comes at a set price which guarantees 1-2 days with 1-2 guys to check that all is in fully functioning order according to the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). If there are more than 2 days of labor needed according to the ACCT inspector, the plan price will be discussed with the client and will be modified to cover the increased fees. A service plan is recommended to all of our clients but can be offered to those who had construction done by other companies as well.

A third type of maintenance that Challenge Access does is an Emergency intervention for any unexpected and/or urgent problem that arises in the middle of the season. In these cases, Challenge Access is able to dispatch guys and an inspector to the site to evaluate and fix the problem.


We know that parks that were constructed several years ago have systems of construction (for example, ladders, lifelines, ADA accessibility, transitions within the park) that are no longer up to industry standards. Challenge Access has a close relationship with Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and with the standards set by ACCT, so we are able to assure our clients that the projects we design and build are always up to the latest standards required. Among other things, we are able to modify obstacles, platforms, access and, for specific system retrofits, we are able to work with modifications on the following systems :

Interactive carabiners:

  • Bornak
  • Edelrid Smart Belay
  • Clic It Continuous Lifelines (hooks):
  • Kanopeo – Speed Runner
  • Vertical Trek
  • Coudoux distributed by Kong Continuous Lifeline (pulleys):
  • Kanopeo – Safe Roller
  • Koala Equipment

Staff Training

Challenge Access is proud to have on staff several qualified personnel who specialize in staff training. Staff Training is based on ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) training references and consists of 1 or more days of training in which park personnel are taught:

  • Client interaction: problem solving with clients on the course elements and effective verbal guidance to clients on course elements.
  • Basic familiarization with the personal protection equipment (PPE) such as the harnesses, helmets, and carabiner systems (where appropriate and necessary).
  • Rescue and course evacuation training Training can also be provided to park managers and park operator.


Challenge Access has in-house ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) qualified Level 1 and Level 2 inspectors. Annual inspections are highly recommended and are regularly inquired for parks to keep insurance coverage current.

Extensions and Modifications

With 25 years of experience, Challenge Access knows the best way to enlarge, expand, or modify an existing structure. We can accommodate any kind of construction in partnership with the desires of the client. Your wishes together with our know-how result in unlimited possibilities of transformation.